Hanklit camp

Many possibilities

Hanklit camp lies in scenic surroundings, with plenty of opportunity to get out and have some good experiences. The camp is just 400 meters from Mors second highest point, Hanklit cliff, with its 61 meters giving a good view over Thisted. East of Hanklit you have Mors top point, Salgjerhøj, which is 89 meters.

The camp was renovated in 2013 where a new building was built. It has given the camp new modern kitchen facilities, a large living room with a whiteboard, a TV room with DVD / Blu-Ray player, etc ..

There are wireless networks with coverage at the entire camp, which is free to access.

Just a 10 minute drive from the camp, there is great shopping opportunities in the town of Øster Jølby. Nykøbing Mors is only a 20-minute drive from the camp.

View of the fjord

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